Spring Thaw - Property protection

Melting Ice on Roof

With the promise of warmer weather, protecting against winter damage can easily take a bit of a back seat. Now is a good time to remind your clients about the importance of year-round property protection, as extreme thaw, or even just a standard spring defrost, can wreak havoc on their homes.

Leveraging the knowledge they’ve built up while assisting policyholders, members of our claims team share six of the steps you can recommend now, to help protect your clients’ properties in fluctuating weather conditions or excessive rain.

Property protection inside and out - six tricks for avoiding property damage


  1. Raise your personal belongings away from the floor of your basement to prevent water damage
  2. Inspect basement ceilings after turning outside water supplies back on in case burst pipes cause flooding

Ground level

  1. Shovel trenches to encourage melting snow and rain water to run away from your home, rather than towards it
  2. If you have a sump pump, make regular checks to ensure that it’s working properly


On the roof

  1. Ensure your roof is properly ventilated to minimise the thaw/freeze cycle and eliminate roof damming
  2. Hire a professional to remove the bulk of snow from your roof after a snow storm and before a thaw


You can find more steps towards helping your clients with protecting themselves, their homes and their businesses in our Extreme Thaw Tips and Advice – from their roofs and eavestroughs, through their downspouts to the ground.

With extreme temperatures and heavy precipitation set to become more frequent and severe throughout Canada over the next 50 years, being Climate Smart has never been so important.